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Peplink 4x4 MIMO LTE / 2x WIFI / GPS

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The Peplink 4x4 MIMO LTE / 2x WiFi / GPS Antenna is a state-of-the-art solution designed for those who demand exceptional performance and reliability in their network connections. This advanced antenna system is the perfect choice for enhancing signal strength and quality across various applications.

Key Features:

  • Advanced 4x4 MIMO LTE Technology: Experience superior LTE connectivity with 4x4 MIMO technology, ensuring faster speeds, improved signal quality, and more reliable performance in areas with weak signal strength.

  • Dual WiFi Capabilities: With two WiFi antennas, this system offers enhanced WiFi signal reception and transmission, making it ideal for applications that require stable and robust wireless connectivity.

  • Integrated GPS Functionality: Benefit from precise GPS tracking and location services, crucial for fleet management, asset tracking, and navigation applications.

  • Versatile and Robust Design: Engineered to withstand challenging environmental conditions, this antenna system is suitable for outdoor, vehicular, and marine installations, offering consistent performance in any setting.

  • Seamless Integration: The Peplink 4x4 MIMO LTE / 2x WiFi / GPS Antenna is designed for easy integration with a wide range of Peplink routers and devices, ensuring a harmonious and efficient networking setup.


Ideal for mobile and fixed applications where signal strength and quality are paramount. This includes vehicles, boats, remote surveillance systems, and IoT deployments. It’s especially beneficial for sectors like transportation, emergency services, and maritime operations where reliable connectivity is a necessity.

Maximize Your Network Potential with Peplink: Harness the power of advanced antenna technology. With the Peplink 4x4 MIMO LTE / 2x WiFi / GPS Antenna, you’re not just enhancing connectivity; you’re transforming the way you interact with your world.

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