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Peplink MAX BR1 Mini LTE-A (FirstNet Certified)

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Introducing the Peplink MAX BR1 Mini LTE-A, a compact yet robust Cat 7 router designed to deliver superior connectivity. FirstNet certification makes it a preferred choice for public safety and emergency services, while its advanced LTE-A capabilities ensure high-speed internet for various applications.

Key Features:

  • FirstNet Certified for Critical Communications: Offering priority and preemption on the FirstNet network, the MAX BR1 Mini LTE-A ensures that vital communications remain uninterrupted, especially during emergencies.

  • Enhanced LTE-A Technology: Enjoy faster data speeds and improved performance with LTE Advanced technology, perfect for handling demanding data tasks in remote or mobile environments.

  • Rugged and Reliable Design: Built to perform in challenging conditions, this router is ideal for industrial, outdoor, and vehicular use, ensuring reliable connectivity no matter the environment.

  • Compact and Versatile: With its small footprint, the MAX BR1 Mini LTE-A is an excellent choice for space-constrained installations such as small offices, retail spaces, or vehicles.

  • Streamlined Network Management: Take advantage of Peplink’s InControl 2 cloud management system for effortless setup, monitoring, and management of your network from anywhere.

  • Advanced Security Protocols: Keep your network safe with robust security features, including an integrated firewall and VPN support, for secure and confidential data transmission.


This router is ideal for a wide range of applications, particularly where FirstNet readiness is essential, such as in public safety, emergency response vehicles, and critical communication scenarios. It's also well-suited for businesses requiring stable, high-speed mobile internet, like mobile healthcare, pop-up retail, and remote surveillance.

Connect with Confidence using the Peplink MAX BR1 Mini LTE-A: Embrace a new level of reliable and high-speed connectivity. Whether for critical public safety needs or general business use, the Peplink MAX BR1 Mini LTE-A (FirstNet Certified) is your solution for staying connected when it matters most.

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