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Peplink Balance 20X - CAT 7 (FirstNet Certified)

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Discover the power of next-level connectivity with the Peplink Balance 20X - CAT 7 Router, a FirstNet certified solution tailored for businesses that demand high-speed, reliable internet access. Designed to meet the needs of the modern enterprise, this router is your gateway to unparalleled network performance.

Key Features:

  • FirstNet Certification: The Balance 20X is FirstNet Certified, providing reliable and prioritized communication for public safety and emergency services, ensuring critical data gets through when it matters most.

  • Superior CAT 7 LTE Speeds: Experience ultra-fast data rates with Category 7 LTE, offering enhanced bandwidth and improved performance for data-intensive applications, video streaming, and large file transfers.

  • Advanced Load Balancing: With dual-WAN support, the Balance 20X optimizes internet traffic across multiple connections, ensuring consistent uptime and efficient bandwidth usage.

  • Robust Security Protocols: Secure your network with advanced firewall capabilities and multiple VPN support, safeguarding your sensitive data from external threats.

  • Expandable and Adaptable: Grow your network effortlessly. The Balance 20X supports add-on modules for increased functionality, adapting to your evolving business needs.

  • Intuitive Management System: Manage your network with ease, thanks to Peplink’s user-friendly web interface and InControl 2 cloud management system for remote configuration and monitoring.


Perfect for medium to large enterprises, the Peplink Balance 20X excels in settings where high-speed internet and network reliability are crucial. It’s an excellent choice for sectors like finance, healthcare, education, and government agencies. The FirstNet certification also makes it ideal for emergency response and public safety operations.

Transform Your Network with Peplink Balance 20X - CAT 7: Step into a world of unmatched speed and reliability. Choose the Peplink Balance 20X - CAT 7 Router for a future-proof networking solution that keeps you ahead of the curve.

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