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Transit Starlink Bundle

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Peplink MAX Transit Duo Pro (FirstNet Certified) (License): Device + 1-Year PrimeCare Included

The Transit Starlink Bundle is expertly crafted for transit applications and mobile environments, providing robust and seamless internet connectivity. This comprehensive package combines the unparalleled performance of the Peplink MAX Transit Duo Pro with the revolutionary STARLINK Flat High Performance Kit, delivering top-tier network solutions for vehicles and on-the-move setups.

Key Features:

  • Peplink MAX Transit Duo Pro (FirstNet Certified): This dual-modem router offers superior connectivity, certified for FirstNet, making it ideal for emergency services and public safety applications. It ensures reliable, fast internet access in the most demanding transit environments.

  • One-Year PrimeCare Subscription Included: Benefit from a 1-year PrimeCare subscription, providing enhanced support, warranty, and features, keeping your device in optimal condition.

  • Peplink 4x4 MIMO LTE / 2x WiFi / GPS Antenna: Enhance your network performance with this advanced antenna, designed for optimal LTE, WiFi, and GPS signal reception, crucial for transit and mobile applications.

  • Peplink 10ft DC Power Cable: Flexible and convenient, this extended power cable offers the versatility needed for vehicle installations and ensures your devices remain powered in various setups.

  • STARLINK Flat High Performance Kit with Wedge Mount: Access high-speed satellite internet with STARLINK, featuring a flat, high-performance antenna and a wedge mount for optimal positioning and signal reception in mobile settings.

ADD A 300GB Cellular Data Package: Stay connected even in areas with limited satellite coverage with a substantial 300GB data plan, compatible with leading carriers like Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile on a single SIM.


    • Perfect for vehicles in transit, such as buses, emergency response vehicles, and mobile command centers, requiring constant, reliable internet access.
    • Ideal for mobile offices, event broadcasting, and field operations where traditional internet access is challenging.
    • Suitable for public safety and emergency services that depend on FirstNet for priority communications.

    Transit Starlink Bundle: Your Solution for On-the-Go Connectivity: With its combination of dual-modem routing, advanced antenna technology, and extensive data coverage, the Transit Starlink Bundle is the ultimate package for maintaining high-quality internet access in any transit scenario.

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