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Peplink MAX BR1 Mini LTE

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$349.00 - $545.00
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Elevate your connectivity experience with the Peplink MAX BR1 Mini LTE. This compact yet powerful router is engineered for businesses and professionals who demand reliable, high-speed LTE internet access in a versatile and durable package.

Key Features:

  • High-Speed LTE Connectivity: Dive into the world of fast, reliable LTE internet, perfect for handling data-intensive tasks, video streaming, and ensuring constant connectivity in remote or mobile environments.

  • Rugged, Industrial Design: Constructed to withstand challenging conditions, the MAX BR1 Mini LTE thrives in harsh industrial settings, outdoor deployments, and in-vehicle applications, offering dependable performance wherever you are.

  • Compact and Flexible: Its small size makes it an ideal choice for installations with limited space. Whether it's mounted in a vehicle, tucked away in a retail space, or used in a small office, this router fits seamlessly.

  • Advanced Network Management: Benefit from Peplink's InControl 2 cloud management platform for easy configuration, monitoring, and management of your network remotely, enhancing efficiency and control.

  • Robust Security Features: Equipped with a powerful firewall and VPN capabilities, the MAX BR1 Mini LTE ensures secure and private data transmission, safeguarding your network against external threats.


Perfect for businesses and applications that need a constant and reliable LTE connection. It's particularly well-suited for mobile healthcare services, pop-up retail stores, remote surveillance, transportation, and field operations.

Transform Your Connectivity with the Peplink MAX BR1 Mini LTE: Choose reliability and versatility. The Peplink MAX BR1 Mini LTE is your partner for achieving seamless, high-speed internet connectivity in a compact, rugged form.

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